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The Silicate War has been over for fifteen years, and the tension among the dominant galactic races is growing. Many fear that the Umblegarri, the ancient alien race that ushered humanity into the interstellar galactic community during the Silicate War, have been targeted for conquest by the Crax and their allies.

Itís no longer speculation. The invasion is underway and Kra finds himself strapped to a hospital bed, critically injured and surrounded by hostile corporate lawyers, high ranking military and intelligence officials, ambitious members of the criminal justice apparatus, and an Umbelgarri diplomat. All are demanding answers or their pound of flesh.

Krakista Keesay, a Class 4 Security Specialist, doesnít have the answers they demand. Why did he sabotage a top secret research facility? What was he doing on a quarantined planet? Why did he set up the civil transport Kalavar for destruction? Is that all? Not even close.

Kra turns to his only option: Allow his brain to be hooked up to an experimental device so that he might prove his innocence. Or lose his mind.

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Relic Hunted

Intelligence picks up Security Specialist Keesayís contract, hoping to direct the Relicís tenacity and skills against his nemesis, the Capital Galactic Investment Group. But the rogue corporation has its own plans concerning Keesay: a bounty on the security specialistís head.

 Time is running out for mankind, with the Crax striking deep into human territory, targeting colonies on Pluto and Io. Keesay knows whatever plans others might have, fighting the Crax is more important than blending in, or looking over his shoulder.

 Stepping forward, Keesay accompanies Special Agents Guymin and Vingee on their mission to rescue key prisoners taken by Capital Galactic, before theyíre handed over to the Crax. In doing so, Keesay pits his shotgun and brass knuckles, his daring and mysterious connection to the rat-like Chicher, against anyone that gets in his way.

 Never underestimate a Relic.


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Thunder Wells

Nobody ever said surviving an apocalyptic alien invasion would be easy, let alone possible. For Jack Fairbanks, there's no other option than to try.

Jack, a college sophomore, survived the plague, wasnít near a coast when the tsunamis crashed ashore, and dodged the kinetic bombardment. While destroying great swaths of humanity, the Mawks delivered a series of EMPs, wrecking the electrical grids, communication networks, and all but the most rudimentary elements of transportation.

To finish the job, the Mawks seeded Earth with dozers and crawlers, tracking beasts created to crave the taste of human flesh, and hunt what remained of mankind to extinction.

 Despite Jack believing humanityís fate as a doomed species, he spends his waking hours scavenging, and patrolling the metro park claimed as his territory. Brutish dozers and relentless crawlers arenít Jackís only concern. Vile human gangs want Jackís buried stockpile of food and supplies. Twisted cannibals desire his flesh.

 Lucia, a hardened urban survivor, is Jackís single connection outside his park. That is, until what remains of the Ohio National Guard comes calling. Rather than hold out in his park and wait for the end, Jack offers his food and supplies, and his rifle, in a bid to change the course of the invasion. To give humanity one final sliver of a chance.

 Neither Jack nor Lucia know exactly what the soldiers are up to, and why their column is moving south. The Mawks might be in the dark as well. Nevertheless, even as Jack pieces together the Armyís goal, part of a secret global effort, the Mawks finally descend from orbit and bring their technological might to bear.

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