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"FLANK HAWK’s characters skewer you on page one, then the plot kicks your butt! Grab hold! Ervin's got the magic!"
--C. Dean Andersson, author of the Bloodsong Trilogy

“A curious blend of epic fantasy, modern techno-thriller and non-stop action-adventure, Flank Hawk is a compelling and original tale of a brave young mercenary pitched in deadly magical combat against the undead techno-armies of the Necromancer King. Whether you like swashbuckling wizardry, fierce dragon battles, modern military hardware or sword-slashing zombie mayhem, Flank Hawk has it all.”
--Erica Hayes, author of the Shadowfae Chronicles

"Creative genius takes many forms, Flank Hawk being a literary example. The story stretches fantasy and speculative science fiction to new levels as beasts, magic, Nazi war technology and superhuman beings combine in one well-crafted tale. But, the real genius of Flank Hawk is the author’s storytelling. The main character, Krish, begins as a lowly farm worker and grows with each life-altering experience as he struggles through battles, builds new relationships and wrestles with difficult decisions.  Readers witness the conflict through his eyes in a masterful display of character development. Flank Hawk is a must read!"
--D.S. Sault, author of The Last Human War

"This book has it all: Nazis, zombies, angels, elementals...It's Army of Darkness meets Lord of the Rings. Buy it or chalk it up on that long list of things you regret not doing!"
--Stephen Hines, author of Hocus Focus

"Flank Hawk is a delightful twist of high fantasy meets the modern zombie genre."
--Tina Morgan, co-author of
The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy


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